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Genesis 1-3

Genesis 1-3

Genesis 1. I feel as though this such a vastly moving passage that is so bold in its statements that it actually turns a few people who are looking for answers away from God. However this passage shows just how great God truly is and how powerful he really is. I believe that this is meant to be taken completely literally and not morphed into context by other world views. God shows that he can do what no other being could possibly fathom doing. He created everything that we know in six days and of course rested on the seventh. Even more incredibly in verse 27 it says and i quote, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” And in my own interpretation of what this is saying is that he had already created and per-ordained all of us to be who we are with the gift of free will. Yes, that means he individually created us one by one making us all different in some way and loving us all truly unconditionally. This passage definitely relies on us having faith, (hold on a second lets talk about what faith is. Faith is believing in something unseen and in my opinion and i think you will agree, trusting it completely. Ok sounds good enough back to the passage) because we can’t prove that God really exists and created the universe, you can’t reproduce it in a lab, there was no human present that is alive that would have been able to have seen it, they don’t make a “God” detector that you can buy at Lowes but that’s just what I’m saying, it just takes “faith.”And of course we can spend all day arguing over Evolution or whatever you believe but just as much and even i found more so those beliefs take “faith.” Moving on: Genesis 2. This is where God creates Adam and when He sees that Adam is lonely creates Eve from Adams own flesh so that they could be united as one. (paraphrasing of course and eve not being named until chapter three after the fall) Genesis 3. This is one of the most painful moments i can imagine for God knowing that his perfect creations had become tainted and inevitably knowing that he would have to sacrifice his own son to die on the cross for their sins. This is also the first glimpse of the horrible creature that we come to know as Satan, serpent, father of lies, the devil, lucifer, he has many names that part is clear. He is constantly trying to bring us further and further away from God through sin and corrupting us more and more. In this passage we also see that God banished both Adam and Eve from the garden and placed a guard outside waving a flaming sword to protect it, and keep them away from the tree of life. – So this has been day one i hope you enjoyed, if you found any mistakes please let me know and i will either fix it or explain my reasoning to you. Please subscribe, follow whatever it is but make sure that you enjoy and remember, God loves you!


About Teen Curiosity

Hi, my name is Spencer, a 16 year old, mostly normal, male and i am going to spend the next 365 days reading the holy bible, (new international version) cover to cover, in hopefully 365 days. I already have a christian background and have been in private school for ten years. However I am at a point where i would like to read what i know as God's word entirely and completely hopefully taking nothing out of context. I sure hope that you will spend the next year with me and stay subscribe to my posts. Also fill free to share this link with your friends. I would like to encourage you to be open minded when reading this blog and read it with out any biased opinions; and i would also challenge to read the word for your-self and make your own opinions and let that guide your faith. with all that being said I hope you enjoy. and i will be posting every day hopefully only missing at most 2 days in a row

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