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Genesis 4-6

Genesis 4-6
The head of chapter four is titled cain and Abel and as you can expect it tells the story of cain and Abel. The sin nature that had so recently became evident in Adam and Eve had been passed on to their two sons who eventually gave way to the whole world becoming corrupt. God found favor on Abel when they had both made their offerings and this made Abel angry. He then invites his brother into the field where he kills him and God curses and banishes him. I think it is really important to understand that even if Adam and Eve weren’t tempted satan would have quickly found another to devour and corrupt. Also I think that is noteworthy Cain is worried that if he becomes a wanderer that others will kill him. Now when i first read this I was extremely curious and after researching a little it became clear that Adam and Eve had, had several more kids and there were now multiple generations living. This is explained in chapter 5, in detail. In chapter 6 the wickedness of the world had become so great that God contemplated destroying them all together. Luckily a man named Noah found favor with God. However God still had to destroy the rest of the people and living creatures of the earth but would save two of each kind of land animal and the rest of Noah’s immediate family. (see next post)


About Teen Curiosity

Hi, my name is Spencer, a 16 year old, mostly normal, male and i am going to spend the next 365 days reading the holy bible, (new international version) cover to cover, in hopefully 365 days. I already have a christian background and have been in private school for ten years. However I am at a point where i would like to read what i know as God's word entirely and completely hopefully taking nothing out of context. I sure hope that you will spend the next year with me and stay subscribe to my posts. Also fill free to share this link with your friends. I would like to encourage you to be open minded when reading this blog and read it with out any biased opinions; and i would also challenge to read the word for your-self and make your own opinions and let that guide your faith. with all that being said I hope you enjoy. and i will be posting every day hopefully only missing at most 2 days in a row

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