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Genesis 7-8

Genesis 7-8

In chapter 7 God shows his complete dominance over animals. He shows us that he can summon them at any moment and that they will listen. Noah followed God’s instructions and built the arc accordingly. God made it rain for forty days and nights and according to the scripture mountains tops were covered by over fifteen cubits(about 22 feet and 6 inches). This moment in history in my opinion is capable of refuting a lot of Evolutionist theories. What I mean by that is, Scientists assume that the earth is millions of years old when, for an example: They look at fossils and assume they have been preserved for a very long time. However the process of fossilization is done under two factors that take place rapidly; pressure, and proper sediments, both of which would be present during the flood, three if you include rapidity as a factor. With that being said I’m sure the ark was not a place to be for someone with a sensitive nose.


– On a side note I felt like i should throw this in. Every once in a while I find myself in a situation where I am not completely hopeless, and putting all of my trust in God becomes too difficult. I mean I just read this passage that told me that God raised the water above the mountains, why can’t I put my faith in him on my chemistry test. And I won’t ever know the answer until I meet Him and ask but I can guess that it has something to do with the fact that we are all deep down inside very preserved. What i mean by that is that we have trouble trusting in others, (especially someone or something that we can’t even see) whether it’s because of certain friends which betrayed us, or maybe even the fact that we haven’t ever had a friendship that ended well. Whatever the case may-be putting our faith in God needs to be a priority and if you can’t fully put your trust in Him, how can you expect to see results in your prayers..

Any how, moving right along into chapter eight the water finally recedes and Noah is let off of the ark. After sacrificing a few of the clean animals God enjoyed the aroma and promised to never destroy all living creatures as he had done. The end of this chapter came as a comfort to me knowing that if anyone could keep there promise, it would be God. And even more so what a great promise for us to know.


A few concluding statements- Today I felt a renewed sense of my relationship with God. Just waking up with a different mind set, that God created all of this for a reason and today is my attempt to make the most of it. This is some of the most motivating encouragement out there! If you don’t believe me try believing that and see how you feel.






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Hi, my name is Spencer, a 16 year old, mostly normal, male and i am going to spend the next 365 days reading the holy bible, (new international version) cover to cover, in hopefully 365 days. I already have a christian background and have been in private school for ten years. However I am at a point where i would like to read what i know as God's word entirely and completely hopefully taking nothing out of context. I sure hope that you will spend the next year with me and stay subscribe to my posts. Also fill free to share this link with your friends. I would like to encourage you to be open minded when reading this blog and read it with out any biased opinions; and i would also challenge to read the word for your-self and make your own opinions and let that guide your faith. with all that being said I hope you enjoy. and i will be posting every day hopefully only missing at most 2 days in a row

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